Thursday, 9 November 2006

Brussels slice

A Belgian tourist near Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland spotted a crocodile in a creek and wanted to get a photo of it. As you do. Unfortunately, the croc was playing hard to get. As they do. So the tourist waded into the creek and started slapping the water's surface with a stick to attract its attention.

You can guess what happened next.

Luckily for the tourist, the croc was only a tiddler (two metres) and pissed off rather than hungry. Now National Parks and Wildlife is relocating the animal for public safety. Locals would prefer they relocated the tourist.

'I just wish they would leave him alone,' Alison Gotts, president of the Daintree Cape Tribulation Tourism Association, said. 'I don't think being tormented by an idiotic tourist warrants his removal. I am annoyed by the decision that the crocodile is the one who is punished.

'If you were being taunted by that tourist you would bite him too.'

Read the whole story (and see the pictures) here.


amegilla said...

Maybe it's for the crocs safety. Maybe the nats know that if some other dork comes along and does the same thing and gets snapped up, then the croc might go the same way as the dingoes on Fraser.
Cull will be the word.

Snail said...

It's interesting how times have changed, though. Not all that long ago, tourism operators would have using the croc's entrails as jewellery.