Thursday, 9 November 2006

So what's been happening in my brief absence from A Snail's Eye View?

Surprisingly little.

Two exams down and one more to go. I haven't started marking yet—they're yet to be rubberstamped and sent through the system. No doubt they'll all arrive together in one great big pile of paperwork.

The undergraduates have been uncharacteristically quiet* but the postgraduates have been keeping me on my toes. They face a wider range of issues than the undergrads, so solving their problems can take a lot more time and effort. The rules and regulations— I think they're called policies now—governing their paths through higher education are Byzantine. No wonder the students are confused. I've given up trying to understand the policies and simply ring up the unit responsible so they can explain it to me.

And now for something completely different ... It was Oaks Day at Flemington, which meant that the racecourse was packed with people in fancy garb and the sky was packed with advertising. This sky writer seemed to go bonkers at lunchtime and made a religious statement (it says Jesus Lives), followed by BOSE (presumably referring to atomic physics) and the cryptic Donut King wins Oaks. At least, I think that's what it said. It was a bit difficult to read. And Miss Finland won the race, anyway. So maybe Donut King was catering. Go figure. I need more coffee.


*Perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate.

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