Saturday, 9 December 2006

Cricket is that serious, dammit!

Reports of Fiji gunfire a 'game of cricket'

Residents around Fiji's main military barracks in Suva have denied hearing gunfire, despite media reports to the contrary.

According to an AFP correspondent, the barracks are quiet and soldiers are playing a game of cricket.

A local resident and a guard on the gate say there have been no shots or unusual activity at the camp this morning.

Their comments came in response to an international media report which said gunfire had erupted in the Queen Elizabeth barracks earlier today.

An ABC correspondent says another foreign correspondent had mistaken noise from the game of cricket at the barracks for gunfire.



Duncan said...

The ball must have been coming off the bat like a bullet! (got that from The Brittas Empire, slightly modified) ;-)

Snail said...

They must have a cracking pace bowler. Or maybe several of them lined up.

Snail said...

Bugger! According to more recent reports, it really was gunfire. And I was thinking that England might want to pop over to Suva to see if they could find someone for the third test.


They should all lay their weapons down & instead play cricket with whoever it is they may otherwise be fighting. The winner of the game then gets to rule the country!