Saturday, 9 December 2006

That was a mistake—going out into the back yard to water the plants. (Using a watering can, of course.) It's hot, still and very smoky. I'm not sure of the visibility in the city but a friend in the Hurstbridge – Diamond Creek area estimated it was down to about 400m there. And we're about 150km from the closest of the Goulburn – Ovens – Heyfield fires. I can't imagine what it must be like for those of you in that part of the state.

Here's part of the latest high-resolution image from NASA. (I've chopped it down to 152 KB, so it's safe for dial-up.) The original is over 8 MB. Dial-up users can check out the thumbnails at this site.

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jj said...

I heard on one news report that smoke detectors at one of Melbourne's airports were responding to the bushfire smoke and interrupting some of their processes.

Automatic baggage handling was mentioned and delayed flights too, as a result.

That struck me as a mindboggling sort of flow-on effect.