Friday, 22 December 2006

Wandering white-tails

Last night was Melbourne's warmest night on record for 40 years or so. The temperature only dropped to 27C. This explains not only why I had difficulty sleeping but why I spent part of the night dealing with the biggest concentration of white-tailed spiders (Lampona sp.) I've ever encountered. The bloody things were not only wandering all over the house but moving quite rapidly, which made them tricky to trap.

Some of them were whoppers too—as far as white-tailed spiders go. (None of them, of course, was as big as the huntsman in the letter box. You can hear the patter of his eight feet when he scuttles over the mail. Although I like spiders, I don't want to hear them. That's just not right.)

I'm going to keep a few of the peripatetic white-tails for photography, then I'll let them all go in the garden. (After a stern talking to about trespassing.) Here's an earlier post about their undeserved reputation.



Holy cow! That's big.

I don't know what I'd do if I had a "concentration" of them in my house.

Duncan said...

I'm having a bit of trouble convincing my wife about the undeserved reputation!

Snail said...

I've got a confession. Even though I know they're not terribly aggressive and aren't responsible for necrotising arachnidism, I still remove them from the house.

Snail said...

A, you can't keep them out. They just mosey in nder doors as if they own the place.

amegilla said...

Good griff! 27 deg. It's Cairns!

We had a lovely cool day and night - do you get SWWA's used weather in the summer?

Probably not these days, not when all the fronts slide away to the extreme south.
(I found a white tail lurking in the bathroom today, co-incidentally. We don't see many. Note the emphasis on see)

Anonymous said...

There's something to be gained by evicting a mature female from the cool quiet she needs for minding her egg sac - - a season or two of more fat black house spiders and thin black wiNdow (sp.) spiders (I will leave the latin names for the professors here) - both of which are many times more likely to be pests inside because they nest in the open and get in the way of window manipulation (and are likely to nip when disturbed in these places).
Just saying ;-) I'm asleep early and up and out early, so only catch sight of White-tails rarely.

Snail said...

Anecdote alert:

I haven't seen many black house spiders around the place this year. There's one that lives behind the driver's side wing mirror on my car and another on the winder for the Hill's hoist, but my place is otherwise clear of the webs. Dunno why.