Tuesday, 23 January 2007

McNaught-y but nice

I caught the briefest glimpse of Comet McNaught in a deep blue sky and then a cloud bank rolled in. I feel quite deflated. Possibly only one pout away from a sulk.

But the sky NE of Melbourne is cloud free. Here's another of Randall's photos. This and the one below were both taken on a digital SLR. Today's was shot with the zoom lens set at 90 mm, yesterday's at 300 mm.


Anonymous said...

It's already like an old friend up there for us here on the relatively cloudless other side.
I shall miss that feller when he's gone - he's a handsome companion for holding hands on the beach or up in the hills.
We dusted off the old pinhole large-format camera in his honour. He's so bright that we overexposed some few positives before getting it right.

Anonymous said...

And when is it that we will be seeing those images Darky?

*taps foot*

*points to flickr*

*nods alot*



Snail said...

It's been an amazing sight. Right up there with the big meteorite that we saw up in North Queensland while trying (and failing) to spot another comet.

The meteorite had a looooonnnnng green tail.

(My memory tells me that it landed somewhere in western Queensland but my memory has been known to mislead ... However, I like the path it's taking me down, so I'm going with it.)

Snail said...

Have you taken something for that cough, Taps?

Anonymous said...

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