Monday, 22 January 2007

McNaught over Melbourne

The things you see in Melbourne. Not only Comet McNaught trailing the sort of tail that makes you wonder whether it was put together by a Hollywood special effects team but also a bunch of grey-headed flying foxes, crossing the sky on silent wings. Yeah, that makes up for the crap day.

Many thanks to Randall, who took this splendid photo tonight from NE of Melbourne. I'm not surprised that folks once regarded comets as omens and portents.


amegilla said...

It's magic over the Indian Ocean.

Snail said...


I wish I were over on your side of the continent. Or in central Australia.

Still, it was a pretty awesome sight in Melbourne, even with the light pollution.

Anonymous said...

We saw it but couldn't manage a photo of it. Luckily there's been heaps of great photos about it on flickr :)