Monday, 5 February 2007


The Annotated Budak has a superb post about living on an island. It's literal, figurative and lyrical. That summary does it no justice. You'll have to read it for yourself.


budak said...

Thanks for the plug. :)
It emerged from a few weekends spent on Singapore's offshore islands, still a world apart from the city across the water. But already the authorities are eyeing them for 'development'.

Shorty CreeKI said...


You captured well, my own disorientation ... no not disorientation, a mix of sensory overload in some things and losses in others ... and a hurriedness in EVERYthing ... that made no sense, when I moved from an island in the Great Australian Bight, to the Adelaide Hills as a 12 year old.
Prior to the couple of years' life on the island I had lived on the West Coast of SA; not populous or hilly or "fast"luhgjmfo.

Snail said...

I remember seeing animals in the mangroves in Singapore that I'd never seen in Australia. First a bockadam (mangrove snake) and then a horseshoe crab. I was stunned.

budak said...

Attenborough was down at the mangroves here last year to film the snakes and reptiles for his swansong "Life in Cold Blood." The bockadams should be in it :)