Tuesday, 6 February 2007

It goes on ...

A blog-free day ... almost.

I was occupied with other writing. And cleaning the bathroom. I may have commented earlier that I am no stranger to squalor but the bathroom was getting beyond even my rather flexible level of tolerance. Now it's gleaming—so clean that you could eat your dinner off any surface (If I let you, which I wouldn't because you'd just mess it up again. So don't make the suggestion. It will end in tears.)

Apart from getting a numb posterior from sitting in front of the computer for one half the day and then getting dishpan hands from scrubbing the floors for the other half, I haven't really done much.

Well, I knocked off another 1000 words from draft four or five or whatever it is now. So that's something, I suppose. I'll polish those thousand for an hour or so until the words gleam like the tiles of the splashback. Then I'll go to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream of a way out of the next scene.

Tomorrow I'm going to blog on Lasiopetalum, a plant genus that everyone should have in the garden. I was admiring my collection today (while trying to avoid writing and/or cleaning) but I didn't get around to taking photographs.

'night, all.


Sherryl said...

I highly recommend skipping the bathroom cleaning myself, especially in favour of writing. But if there were actual diseases and strange alien scum creatures leaping out at you ... maybe not.
Glad to hear you are writing, all the same. Me too, after reaching a plot hole and needing some time out to ponder a solution.

Snail said...

You've solved the problem? Brilliant!

I was going to suggest you might try my expensive but effective solution — a stroll around Lake Eacham.

Mind you, last time I was there, my reverie was disturbed by a Dutch couple who hailed me with the international greeting, 'Have you seen any pythons?'

Hard to get your thoughts back on track after that.