Saturday, 24 February 2007

I'm about to clean out the drains. (You know, it's true what they say. The fun never stops at Chez Escargot.)

The kitchen sink is blocked. I blame it on the drought. Very little of the water that goes into the sink exits through the drain. Most of it gets scooped out and distributed on the increasingly crisp garden vegetation. The grot concentrates and settles in the pipe. (I think that's what happens. I'm no plumber. But the plumbers that plumbed my house don't appear to have been plumbers either, so we're all in the dark.)

I'm going to try bleach first. But if that doesn't work I'll have to dismantle the pipes.

I may be some time.


Trevor said...

I KNEW we had something else in common. I, too spent several frustrating days last week unblocking our kitchen sink drain. It's been draining poorly for weeks - make that months - and then finally stopped completely. For several days it meant doing the dish washing in a plastic tub on the table. Several attempts at unblocking using a hose through the inspection points had very modest results. After about 72 hours the "Draino" finally worked. Mind you - it took a whole container of it to shift the gunk accumulated somewhere in the drain.

Snail said...

I've got the "Draino" in reserve. The bleach seemed to have worked ... although the bath was making funny noises when I did the laundry today.

Mind you, it's amazing what we'll put up with just to avoid a straightforward task ... I've been turning the hot water on and off under the sink instead of replacing the leaky connector.