Saturday, 3 February 2007

The lazy gardener

Work on the garden continues slowly. But it does continue. The backyard still looks crappy but appreciably less crappy than it did at this time last week. As I clear away the dead weeds, I'm starting to wonder whether there might be snakes around the place. It's unlikely but you never know. Tiger snakes have turned up in some of the oddest places, including a bookshop in the CBD.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this cleared space. The cabbage palm, Livistona australis, is staying, as is the pincushion hakea (Hakea laurina) (the tree at the back). But with the kangaroo apple on its way out, there won’t be much elevation in the garden. Maybe a Brachychiton. Or two. And something robust and interesting for underplanting.

I still have a yen for a bog garden. It would have to be in a container, of course, which could be as large as a bath or as small as a Nally bin*. And a ...

There's nothing for it. I'll have to move to a place with a bigger yard.

* Nally bins. Next to cat bags, the most important item on a field trip.


Duncan said...

How about a Hakea Burrendong Beauty for underplanting. Wonderful colour in the autumn, and a funny story about its incorrect identification as H.crassinervia.

Snail said...

Oh yes! Splendid idea.

For others who are interested in this beautiful plant, here's a picture from Duncan's place and here's the story about the misidentification.