Monday, 26 March 2007

The battle lines are drawn. Me versus the Indian meal moths. I am about to launch an assault on the insects and I'm calling in the SWAT swat team.

Bloody things are everywhere. Still. I removed all the cereals in the pantry—and ditched every other dry good, just in case. My cupboard looks as though it's owned by Old Mother Hubbard. (Memo from MH: A little less of the old, if you don't mind.) And those blasted moths keep coming.

Tonight I found a couple of caterpillars in long-grain rice that I'd recently bought. As soon as I'd opened it, I decanted it* into a screw-top plastic jar. And still the buggers managed to lay their eggs in it. How? These moths aren't octopus. They can't unscrew lids. Do they band together in a working ... er ... bee? Do they all line up with their feet against the lid and flap like crazy until it turns? And if so, why don't they loosen the lids on the jam jars for me? Selfish beggars.

Needless to say, a couple of creepy crawlies weren't going to stop me from having dinner. I picked them out and cooked the rice anyway.

And now the bastards are throwing themselves into my tea. I just took a sip and realised that there was something drowning in it. Something with scaly wings and six legs. A whole mothful, you might say.

I think I'm going to lose the battle and the war..


* Can you decant grains?


Duncan said...

Perhaps if you obtain a small flock of Blue Wrens, (available now from aviculturalists) and turn them loose inside the house for a week or two....
they'd kill for meal worms.

Snail said...

Then I'd have an infestation of blue wrens. Instead of Mother Hubbard, I'd be like the old woman who swallowed a fly ...

Nice sort of biological control, though.