Saturday, 24 March 2007

Not exactly Manderley

After a night of interrupted sleep, I had a couple of dreams in which I was given 'news'. (Not real news, obviously. I'm not a believer in prophetic dreams.) What entertained me were the differing ways in which I received this news within the dream.

The first one I accepted with equanimity. Apparently, I'd won first prize in the lottery—about $2,000,000. I guess the whole point of entering games of chance is to win, so why make a fuss if your numbers come up? That's how I rationalised it, anyway.

But my response to the second dream was quite different. I was absolutely appalled and outraged that we had no slide-mounted specimens of Hymenolepis diminuta cysticercoids. How could we not have them in the laboratory? Think of the humanity.

I understand why I was dreaming about the lottery but ... tapeworms? I haven't lectured on tapeworms for a couple of years. I mean ... really. I seriously need to get out more.


amegilla said...

Sorry, just not as good as my dream of the thrombolites singing the Hallelujah chorus.

jj said...

*retires eversogracefully from contest*

ya dags.

Snail said...

Hmmm ... I didn't win the lottery and we still don't have any slides of Hymenolepis. And, I'll wager, there are no singing thrombolites.

What is wrong with the world?

jj said...

oh ye of little faith ... just because YOU didn't hear them ... :)

TAW said...

Well, I recently had a dream about a ~ 6 inch tall dancing priest. The tune was quite catchy actually... it was HILARIOUS.

Snail said...

*suppresses desire to make joke about pianists*