Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I realise that reading this blog has been the equivalent of watching paint dry lately*. I've been a bit occupied and haven't quite got work and life balanced yet. It will fall into place soon.

In the meantime, here's something that might make you smile. In a recent comment, Lynsey of Marginalia pointed me in the direction of the White Island crater web cam. Check out the shots from lunchtime, when the shadows are short. Those vulcanologists are wags.

Thanks, Lynsey. That really cheered me up.


* I was going to say watching the grass grow, but that would be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Evidence taken to extremes.
You birdos are seriously twisted :-)


Sherrie said...

Talk about twisted! I was about to take issue with the relative interest level of watching paint dry.

Snail said...

I've taken photos like that. But the tree moved as well in mine.

About the paint drying ... I might have meant that both were spine-tinglingly exciting.

(No, it doesn't sound like a convincing explanation.)

Sherrie said...

Well, I've tried several times now to author a witty and convincing argument in defense of drying paint. Each attempt has been followed by multiple depressions of the delete key.

Let us just back away slowly and pretend it never happened.

Snail said...


I understand. There are times when you need to put up the cordon and tell people to "Move along ... There's nothing to see here."