Friday, 6 April 2007

A day for sloth*

What a lovely day. I woke up early-ish. Returned to bed with a cup of tea and a book. Drank tea, read book, snoozed. Got up much later. Read. Went into Yarraville to stock up on supplies for the long weekend. Rang friends. Read. Had another snooze. And now I'm about to have dinner and will spend the rest of the evening reading.

Tomorrow, I'll be ready to face the non-work world with renewed vigour.

See you then.

* Not that sloths are all that slothful when it comes to food. I saw a group of them at Bristol Zoo who put on the most amazing turn of speed when the keeper entered the enclosure with a basket of leaves. Had I been the keeper, I think I would have thrown the food at them and fled. There was something just a little bit sinister about these curious, shaggy, large-clawed, inverted mammals converging on a lone human ...


Tracey said...

Thast last work post made it sound like you needed some sloth-time, so I'm glad to see you're getting it!

Snail said...

Didn't do all that much today, either. I could get used to being a lady of leisure.