Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Work is a three ring circus. One imagined by Roger Corman, admittedly, but a circus nonetheless. Still, only one more day to the long weekend. Then a very short week and a five-day break for me after that. Oh, and there's ANZAC Day on following Wednesday. But who's counting?*

I don't have much planned over the weekend. The first thing to do is to buy up big on Easter Bilbies. The second thing is to eat them. The third is to finish off a towering pile of overdue paperwork that is so thick and old it's turned to coal at the base. And the fourth is to nip up to Castlemaine on Monday to see my artist friend Rhyll. It's not a particularly ambitious plan but it's achievable.

* Me. I'm counting. That's only another 35 working days until the end of semester one.


Tracey said...

Oh, yum. I do love Easter. (Even if my waist doesn't.) There's something about Easter chocolate... And biting into the egg (or bilby) the first time. Though my dad likes to crack them on his head.

Good luck with the paperwork. That's really soul-destroying stuff at times.

Snail said...

One of our admin officers was handing out Easter eggs this afternoon, bless her little cotton socks.

She gave me two eggs because I must have looked as if I needed extra chocolate.

sarala said...

I looked up Bilbies, not being an Aussie. I'd order a crate myself but I doubt they'd make it to Chicago. Eat one for me.
The evils of introduced species! Humankind can be so stupid! School kids in the US learn the story of rabbits in Australia as a cautionary tale in Biology class. My 15 year old son can tell you all about them no doubt.
Of course, then there are the billions of US starlings and so on.

Snail said...

I should have blogged about bilbies but I've been so darned tired and pressed for time lately.

I found out quite recently that Tuesday's a holiday as well at work, so I'm feeling quite pleased about that. The combination of sleeping in and eating chocolate should re-energise me.

Sherrie said...

If Sarala and I go in on a case, do you suppose we could get bilbies across the equator? I, too, looked for a happy little "we ship to desperate persons in the US" button but didn't find one.

Unexpected days off. (Well, ANY days off.) What delight THAT must be! Do not squander all of them being responsible.

Snail said...

Remind me and I'll send you both some next Easter. Mind you, I'd suspect you'd end up with shattered bilbies* because of our regulations on international post. A friend tried to send homemade Christmas puddings to the US and was told that she couldn't because there 'might be something in them'. Presumably something other than flour, dried fruit etc etc. We couldn't quite work out if they were worried about drugs or explosives or both.

* Which sounds like a painful affliction.

Tracey said...

Moss (fellow teacher) and I tried to go into work on Easter Tuesday once and had to get security in to let us in. They looked at us very strangely. And then all the water was off for maintenance.

You should ask Sherryl about the delights of shipping stuff OS -- though for her it was about getting stuff into Aus from NZ. I'll let her tell you the story.

Sherryl said...

Seeing as how she mentioned it ...
My brother sent my daughter a lovely birthday present - a bookmark with (real) dried lavender inside it.
When it arrived here at our end, all that was left was a photocopy of said bookmark (wasn't that kind of them to at least show us what it looked like before they snaffled it), a form to fill out if we wanted it returned to sender (for which we would be charged $41) and the lingering smell of ... lavender.
Obviously NZ lavender has certain properties or diseases or something that makes it hazardous. Needless to say, we've decided to let them "dispose" of it.

Anonymous said...

Hello stranger,

A sympatico US mate sent his customary solidarity easter bunny snap to soothe our feral woes.
It's a particularly fine one this year, but I fancy it may need your moderate gaze before getting posted here - I just don't want to send good readers away, thinking that we all here tune up our banjos at the sight of civilised people having a good time.
So snap can be under separate email cover for your decision - if you want to let drop a hint about your email contact.

Thank Christ for Easter ay ;-) I haven't been able to scratch myself all year, but at least nobody will work these 4 days and so I get to indulge myself with the online entertainment.


Snail said...

It was nice of them to photocopy it, at least!

Darky, it's good to see you again! (Read you, anyway.) Hope all's been going well. The e-mail is the blog name (one word) minus the indefinite article at the optusnet company in this country.

Bloody rabbits. Campus is overrun with the little beggars. We had a definite decline when calicivirus arrived on the mainland but the numbers have bounced back. I blame the drought. (I'm blaming it for everything.)