Monday, 23 April 2007

It's a new car!

Certainly is. It's a Ford Focus LX. Nothing wildly exciting but it's comfortable and rather zippier than the Daewoo. I picked it up on Wednesday morning and have taken it for a couple of runs. I've got more planned over the next few weekends.

The Minnow at the beach


Duncan said...

Glad to see it's not an XR6 Turbo ;-)

jj said...

or a Mustang.

Snail said...

Confession: I had to look up XR6 because I didn't know what it was*.

Enough people around here with that sort of car. I don't know how they can afford them.

*Another confession: I know the Mustang.

Trevor said...

Looks nice and zippy - so keep to the limits!

Sherrie said...

Now, now... what's wrong with Mustangs? I learned to drive on a '64-and-a-half. (Okay, I should have said, "What's wrong with Mustangs older than 1969, other than poor fuel economy?")