Thursday, 26 April 2007

One of my neighbours just gave me a 1l bucket of honey from his friend's bee hives on the NW edge of town. It's. Absolutely. Delicious. I keep dipping a spoon in the bucket every time I go into the kitchen. I think I'm metamorphosing from Eeyore into Winnie the Pooh.

So that's one good thing about today. The other is the rain. Or the promise thereof. We jollied each other along at work by posting images from the Bureau of Meteorology radar of the rain over Adelaide. It's on its way over here, apparently. Should get here by tomorrow afternoon.

But the rest of the day was pretty ordinary. I made a decision last week that I would leave work in a little over two years time. I can't leave any earlier because of the car lease. And two years is just enough time to work out an exit strategy and activate the change plan. (See, I've learnt something from all those staff meetings). On the eve of my birthday in 2009, I'm out of that place. (2009 isn't a significant birthday but I hope to make it one.)

If I'm still blogging then, feel free to throw this back in my face.


jj said...

*copies snail's promise to herself into diary for 2009_04_25*

That will give a day' to blow up all the balloons and make the cake. A couple of years to stock the wine cellar should be sufficient.

And, may I take the liberty of saying that this is great news;

All the best,
from the land of the hovering pouringwithrainclouds.

Snail said...

Is it really raining in your neck of the woods? Woo hoo!

The date will be 13th May 'cos my birthday's on the 14th.

Snail said...

Not that I'm counting ... Oh, wait. Yes I am.

jj said...

Well I'd feel a bit lonely counting down on my own.


A counter on each side of the continent just for starters, I think.

And yes, it is still raining here ... steady downpour at times and steady light showers in between. It hasn't stopped all day.
The pond is overflowing the spillway, from only a few inches in the bottom this morning.

Duncan said...

Don't get stuck in a burrow like Pooh did! Yes, still got my Winnie the Pooh books from my childhood, they would be about 68 years old now, I still dip into them occasionally believe it or not.

Snail said...

We've been known to use the odd Pooh quote at work, mixed in with the best of The Terminator and some Shakespeare.

Three cheers for Pooh!

Sherrie said...

Tiddly pom, tiddly pom, tiddly pom! for bears of very little brain.

jj said...

... drowning ... in either paper work or all that rain.

Sherryl said...

Wow, you've set a date. Brave, courageous you. Now are you going to tell those above you in the uni food chain?
I keep plotting and dreaming, but I've got LSL due next year. Maybe after that, when I write a bestseller (yeah, right!)

Snail said...

I'm not telling anyone in authority until the last possible moment!

I've been thinking about it for ages but my mind was made up by an incident last week. The last straw etc. Urk.

jj said...

Maybe we should be praise-being-ing for last straws?

Not really ... but ... I do remember us takling just such a "brave" decision and not only not regretting it, but being thankful before long at all. I alo remember being sensible about how to do it though and commend you for that .. and all that stuff.

Snail said...

I haven't made a brave decision since 1987, when I packed up my car and moved to North Queensland.

About time I did something else adventurous.

jj said...

Mine was 1974/5.

jj said...

woohoo for you