Tuesday, 24 July 2007


It rained in Bowen today. This is an unusual combination of words. I know it rained (briefly) because I was clambering over rocks at King's Beach, trying to find some nerites to photograph, when the skies opened and I got soaked.

The outcrop at the end of King's Beach is a good site for Nerita plicata and N. costata. They prefer the wave-lashed rock faces at the mid- to low-tide level. Not the best place to be clambering about when it's raining, the tide is on its way in and there's a lively onshore wind. But I did find a solitary (and probably lost) N. costata. There were also the usual run of planaxids, nodilittorinids and oyster-eating whelks.

And if the molluscs aren't exciting enough, Bowen has recently been turned into a film set. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman had been in town to make a movie about ... something. (I really should pay more attention.) They've gone now and Bowen has returned to its relaxed self. Apart from the odd pretension.


jj said...

On KI this time Mary saw mw looking at them and said,"I think we wont have any periwinkles thanks nana".

jj said...

hmmmmmmmm bogged in Bowen?


Snail said...

These are supersized periwinkles!