Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The morning stroll along the Williamstown waterfront is always eventful. Admittedly, the events aren't all that momentous — a group of grebes, a cluster of cormorants, the odd snake bird or spoonbill — but today was a little bit different. Not that the events were any more momentous, they were just ... strange.

The fog was thick this morning. So thick that it cloaked the container ship coming into port, although the vessel was only a few hundred metres away. The fog horn blared but the ship was invisible. Terribly atmospheric.

A film crew had picked the wrong day to shoot exteriors. They were lined up on the pavement stamping their feet and clapping hands to keep blood circulating. (It was only 7C.) Williamstown's streets have featured in the TV series Blue Heelers and in the re-make of Neville Shute's On the beach. (And Charlotte's Web apparently.) But this was Daddy, come with me to Australia II. At least, that's what it said on the piece of paper stuck in the window of the Budget minibus. (Well, it might have said Daddy came with me to Australia II. It was too cold to hang around deciphering handwriting.)

How did the film crewing amuse themselves while they waited for the fog to lift? They watched a boat go for a run about on the bay. But this was no ordinary vessel. 'Sealegs' motored up to the boat ramp and kept going. It had wheels. Wheels with chunky, all terrain tyres. I loved it!


Tracey said...

Lots more shows too. Round the twist used Williamstown Primary (my old school), the beach pavilion (now Sirens) and a few other places. Sometimes bits of The Sullivans came from Willy. Power without glory filmed there a lot, years ago. Now and then I'll glimpse Nelson Place on some show or other.

I remember reading On the beach the first time and being wildly excited that some of it was set in Willy. I read it more recently, and it felt terribly dated. I was really interested to note in one scene that there was a baby and a dog, and Shute referred to the baby as "it" and the dog as "she". I thought that probably said a lot about him.

Snail said...

And didn't the SLSC appear as the courthouse in 'Seachange'?