Sunday, 26 August 2007


I should have stopped to photograph the sign that says Welcome to Banana, the shire of opportunity. But I made up for it with these.

Banana Shire is named after the town of Banana, which is named after Banana's Gully, which is named after the yellow bullock buried there. Banana (the bullock) was used by stockmen as a decoy to bring in wild cattle. So successful was he at his job, that he's been immortalised by this statue at the edge of town.

Central Queensland is cluttered with statues of cattle — Rockhampton has half a dozen of them — but Banana stands out as the one with real personality.



So, they don't actually grow bananas there?

bioephemera said...

Banana Holding Road is some phenomenal signage. Bravo.

Snail said...

No bananas in Banana! Plenty of bananas north of Banana, though.

It's not a bad sign, is it? I regret not getting the one welcoming visitors to "The Shire of Bland", though, which is a bit further south. Next time.