Sunday, 26 August 2007

Birding from the car window

I often see nankeen kestrels hovering at the side of the road*. They must be the most abundant bird of prey in Australia. Getting a photo of one is another matter, as Duncan at Ben Cruachan blog can attest.

On my way back from North Queensland, I got stuck for a while at some road works. While I was waiting, a kestrel flew past the windscreen and landed on a fence post at the side of the road.

I scrabbled for the camera and got a couple of shots before the bird took off again. They're not the best photos because the camera's autofocus got the background in the first shot and the bashful bird turned away in the second. But ... y'know ... you take what you can get.


* They're the ones doing the hovering, not me.


Duncan said...

The car makes a good hide Snail, and I've taken several good shots that way, so far though kestrels have always been on the wrong side. As Catweazle used to say, "nothing works"

John Tongue said...

Hi Snail,
By the look of that post, I'd say the Kestrel sits there pretty often. Now you'll just have to go back that way, and see if you can catch him there again!!

Snail said...

Oh, Duncan, never mind the kestrels, I haven't thought about Catweazle for years. Your comment fair made my day.

John, I have all these spots marked in my mind. I had such a surprise when I saw those bustards in just about the same spot years later, that I have no doubt that kestrel will be there next time!