Monday, 20 August 2007

Hinchinbrook Island (updated)

I mentioned that I photographed the flowering Balanophora at the Hinchinbrook Island lookout. This was the scene behind me as I took the snap of the weird vegetation. Worth showing, I think.

Hinchinbrook Island is almost halfway between Cairns and Townsville. This lookout is south of Cardwell (which also offers stunning views of the island).

The island is a mountain range of granite and volcanic rocks, separated from the mainland by the drowned valley of the Herbert River (Hinchinbrook Channel). The mangroves lining the Channel are breeding grounds for estuarine crocodiles. Dugongs also live in the shallow waters.

Far North Queensland

At 39,900 hectares, Hinchinbrook Island is one of the world's largest island national parks.



Very nice, although I have no idea where in Australia this is.

Snail said...

The photo doesn't do it justice, Aydin. When I get home this evening, I'll put up a pic from Google Earth to put the area into perspective.


Thanks. I have added it to my rather short list of places to visit.