Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Where else but Queensland?

I'm not sure the advertising company that came up with the slogan had this in mind but ... well ... you know ...

From ABC news yesterday:
Autopsy to determine if pet camel killed woman

An autopsy will determine if a 10-month-old pet camel killed its owner at Bollon in south-western Queensland.

Police Sergeant Greg Wheeler says the woman's body was found by her husband when he returned from feeding stock on their property on Saturday afternoon.

Sergeant Wheeler says there were signs that the camel had injured the 60-year-old woman, but it is possible she may have died from natural causes before they were inflicted.

"She did have some injuries to her head area, [it also] appears she's been rolled around on the ground by the camel and [she] had a significant amount of camel hair on her body," he said.

Brisbane's Courier Mail has more on the story:
Police said the camel, which was given to Ms Weaver as a 60th birthday gift, knocked her to the ground, stamped on her and then lied (sic) down on top of her.

They said the 10-month-old animal had a history of bizarre behaviour – it had attempted to suffocate the family's pet goat on numerous occasions.
(Yes, it really does say 'lied'.)

CNN has a different interpretation of the camel's behaviour:
The 10-month-old male -- weighing about 330 pounds -- had knocked her to the ground then lay on top of her in what police suspect was mating behavior, [Detective Senior Constable] Gregory said.

I'll let the story speak for itself.



The husband did it.

Snail said...

It does suggest a rather interesting version of "Cluedo".