Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Points Arboretum

Coleraine has two things going for it: the chocolate factory and the Points Arboretum. (It probably has more but I never get around to looking further when I visit.) This time, I only made it to one of the magic two. And it wasn't Glenelg Fine Confectionery. (Next time, next time.)

The Peter Francis Points Arboretum specialises in eucalypts. Oh, there are plenty of other genera — all native — but eucs are the focus. The plant list (PDF) records over 500 species and I think I saw most of them as I strolled around in Thursday's rain, although I only recognised two or three. Yes, I'm as crap on eucalypts as I am on most other plants. I am, after all, an equal opportunity non-botanist.

But not knowing anything about a subject is a reason to load up with books and camera and spend time finding out. Every step is up.

I have one book on eucalypts — Dean Nicolle's Eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania. It's handy but it's obviously not enough. I might have to invest in Euclid.

While I'm getting a feel for the eucs — which will take ... ooh ... quite some time — I'll take pics and post them. They really are stunning trees.

And I'll write more about the Arboretum soon. Here's a little taste of what's in flower right now.

E. annulata from Western Australia

Red-flowering mallee box (E. lansdowneana) from South Australia

Curly mallee (E. gillii) from inland South Australia and New South Wales

Mottlecah (E. macrocarpa) from Western Australia


Duncan said...

Love those eucs Snail, my first botanical study and still a major interest.

sarala said...

Nice to see winter is coming everywhere. Aussie flowers are beautiful.

Snail said...

There's always something flowering in the bush --- there are eucalypts and acacias for every season, Sarala. I've got some snaps of wildflowers too, which I'll post soon.

Duncan, I am hopeless at euc IDs. I need someone to take me through them and my favourite botanist has gone on hols (the fiend!).