Tuesday, 6 November 2007

White-necked heron

Although they're not rare, seeing a white-necked heron (Ardea pacifica) is always a delight. I spotted this one just north of Condah on the Henty Highway, when I tried to escape the rain by driving inland.

The white neck makes the bird very noticeable at a distance. This individual was on the other side of a flooded paddock and I drove on for another couple of minutes debating with myself whether to go back to try for a photo. I talked myself into it.

I pulled off the road as far as I could without plunging into mud and took photo through the passenger window. I wasn't so worried about the passing trucks and utes but the caravans concerned me. (All caravan-towing vehicles should be fitted with width sensors, much like the whiskers on cats. Just saying.)

Duncan at Ben Cruachan also has a lovely photo of a bird he spotted in Gippsland last year.

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