Thursday, 6 March 2008

I was supposed to be spring cleaning. (Or, more accurately, late summer cleaning.) Whatever. I was trying to reduce the entropy in my living room, irrespective of season. To tackle such a big job — and violating the second law of thermodynamics is a big job, take my word for it — I decided to break it down into lots of smaller tasks. It's easier to bring order out of chaos one square metre of floor space at a time.

But the first square metre included a box of reprints, so I didn't get very far. To justify my lack of progress, I'm going to summarise the articles. This, of course, will assist in my fight against the heat death of the universe. Or my living room. One or the other.

Be prepared for a series of posts on random topics.



I'd take posts on random topics over the heat death of the universe any day.

Anonymous said...

I second the sentiment!

And, when you get around to addressing the entropy on your hdd, get a mac and use this absolutely fabulous tool.
It was created just for those of us with FMS* syndrome.
It cross-references like a real librarian.
It even produces proper citations for each and every pdf.

I'm about a tenth of the way through my unruly stack of pdfs after about a month. Not bad going when the temptation to follow the comprehensive links produced by the application is so strong.
tcfra **r**

*Fear of Missing Something

Anonymous said...


I'm prepared ... have been since ... um ... *points* then ^

If you don't get onto it I shall have to go and get on with my own chaosordering tasks.


(and no, it doesn't include ressurecting MY blog .. so there that's a reward being held over until I finish all the important stuff .

Snail said...

Instead of reversing it, I have succumbed to the second law of thermodynamics. Too much silly stuff going on at work ATM.

I might head off somewhere interesting for the weekend.