Monday, 9 June 2008

Look at those cars go

Snails cause six-car pile-up

HUNDREDS of slippery snails caused a six-car pile-up as they swarmed across a busy German highway.

Rescue crews had to close the road for hours while crushed and surviving snailed were scraped off the tarmac.

Six cars were damaged as they slid across the B14 A-Road near Stuttgart.

"Cars were crushing the snails and the slime was making the road so slippery that people started skidding all over the place," one driver said.

"Motorists had to stop and try to pick their way through the snails. It was like something from a horror film."

Two things:
1) Do snails really ... swarm?
2) What sort of lame arse horror movies do these people watch?


sarala said...

That is just too funny. Except I'm going to have nightmares.
My word verification for this comment is "puukptm" which to my mind says "puke at 'em". Must be a message there to do with millions of squished snails.

Snail said...

Porsches and Mercedes laid low by snails. There's a lesson in that for us all. I'm not sure what that lesson is ... but I know it's there.

Eric Heupel said...

Looks like the inverts have upped the ante with in the Invert vs. Vert..

Oh the movie might be the classic (and award winning) René Laloux animation "Les Escargots" from the 60's. More likely it's the string of invert starring B-horrors such as The Monster That Challenged The World (a snail) and Attack of the Giant Leeches.

Kevin Zelnio said...

You mean haven't seen Slugs?? Vicious little bastards though molluscs are...


What species could they have been?

Snail said...

Thanks, Eric and Kevin. Those video clips are well worth looking at. (Although I'd recommend leaving Slugs until after breakfast.

Aydin, I was wondering about that. I might have to e-mail someone to find out.

storm said...

The poor snails!! Bugger the cars - won't somebody think of the snails?

Anonymous said...

You want snails then check out


Robert Nordsieck said...

Dear god. I hadn't heard of that before. I should mention that I come from the region by birth (some 50 km to the south). I checked with the German newspapers: The snails were Roman snails (Helix pomatia), about 500 (!!!) could be collected and saved by the fire brigade.
Kind regards

Snail said...

Robert, Roman snails would be worth saving --- as long as they didn't end up on someone's dinner plate!