Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Glorious winter

It's winter. Down here in the south, it's cold, windy and occasionally wet. But it's not all grey. I photographed this Running Postman (Kennedia prostrata) at the Points Arboretum at Coleraine. The eucalypts are resting, but the peas, wattles, grevilleas and hakeas are doing their thing. More flowers over the next few days.


Denis Wilson said...

I remember the Arboretum at Coleraine from many years ago, when I lived at Hamilton. One man's grand obsession.
I loved the Running Postman, as a kid in Melbourne, too.
Thanks for the memories.

Mosura said...

We get that one here too. A stunning flower indeed! Coincidentally I picked one up at the nursery earlier today - must have put it down at some point as it's not in the box with the other plants :-(

Snail said...

I love that arboretum, Denis, and visit it whenever I'm over in the SW. I've often got the place to myself!

Oh, bad luck, Mosura. I hate that! I collect Kennedia and a couple of them are flowering in my garden at the moment. I should take some pics.