Sunday, 21 September 2008

All quiet on the northern boundary

After two full days of smashing and crushing and dropping debris into a truck a couple of metres from my desk, the demolition team is having a well-deserved day off. I'm taking advantage of the peace to get work done.

Oddly, I could cope with the noise of heavy machinery but the sound of the radio was driving me crazy. Go figure!

So I'd better get back to it. For some reason, work doesn't do itself.


jape said...

Building-site Radio Rage. I speak as a multi-episode sufferer. I think it has to do with the machine noise being an inevitable by-product of legitimate activity, but the radio being discretionary on the part of its volume controllers - they choose how loud it will be and you have to put up with it.

A side-issue is the radios themselves. Bunnings, Dick Smith, etc., must have special construction-site radios. They come pre-battered, only work at full volume and never quite on the station.

I have wondered whether these radios are songbird-like claims for territory. On more than one occasion, a plea for quiet has been met with outraged refusal; as if I am somehow trespassing on their rights.

You, should you choose, have a chance to study this at great length. The destruction next door will soon be complete - then the construction will begin.

In all seriousness, you need to think about how you can avoid being driven to distraction; especially if you are trying to work.

Or you might be lucky and have considerate builders. Hope so.

Snail said...

I contemplated going out and asking the operator to turn down the radio, then decided against it.

Then I thought about going out and asking him not to do the shaking thing (to get the debris to settle in the scoop) because it was causing my house my move so much that I couldn't focus on the computer monitor.

But the operator was dropping half-tonne loads of bricks into a truck very, very close to my boundary. So far the only thing that's arrived over the fence is a sliver of weatherboard. So I reconsidered all requests.

I don't know how I'll cope, to be honest. I'm hoping that there will be a long delay between demolition and building. Several months, at least. But what's the betting that they try to get in before the Xmas break?

Duncan said...

Speaking as a worker on building sites for over fifty years, those bloody radios used to nearly drive me mad. I often used to take matters into my own hands and go and turn them down. Didn't do any flamin' good though, they went straight up again. At least sometimes I could drown them out with the bellow of my welder engine, now that was music to my ears. ;-)

Snail said...


Came home from work today to find my fence damaged. It was inevitable. They are working so close to my boundary that they were going to hit it at some point.

So, let's see if I can get the company to do something about it.