Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Awesome invertebrates

I know. Aren't they all?

Deep Sea News has compiled a list of the Best 27 Deep Sea Species. It includes all manner of weird and wonderful critters —the armour-plated scaly-foot snail, the … ahem … hairy vent snail, carnivorous sea squirts, carnivorous sponges, worms that look like a pig's arse, worms that eat bones, the giant deep sea isopod (Bathynomus*) ... Oh, yeah, and some fish too, if you like looking at vertebrates.

Check out the top two here and here. The post on #3 has a list of species 4 to 27.



* It should be Bath-enormous. An opportunity missed there. Along with the recently-described octopus Wunderpus, for which I suggested the name Glamourpus. Not that anyone asked my opinion but I gave it anyway, being generous like that. (You can download the Wunderpus paper from Molluscan Research. 804 KB)


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Wow, some pretty weird guys there! But, awesome as the title says.