Monday, 1 December 2008

Moon face

Venus (left), Jupiter (right) and the crescent moon (work it out) in a smiley face gathering this evening ...

... and tonight.

Close up.


Top: 300 mm, f 4.something, 1/5 sec on wobbly tripod, not cropped
Middle: 60 mm, f 2.8, 1/50 sec in wobbly hands, cropped
Bottom: 300 mm, f 4.8 (possibly), 1/80 sec, hand held, propped against the door, cropped.


Denis Wilson said...

Glad you got to see it. We had cloud here, tonight, but my daughter saw it in Canberra.
Glad I got my shot last night.
Your photos are much clearer than mine, but I got the sunset as well.


Snail said...

The problem here is avoiding all the roofs when taking a pic of the sky!

Mosura said...

They turned out well.

Apparently the next smiley alignment will be in 2036 : )

Snail said...

2036! My goodness. I'll be ... old ... by then.

Denis Wilson said...

Old? Some of us already are. I turned 60 last week, and am now entitled to a "Senior Card". I feel the concept is degrading!

Dave Coulter said...

Nice work. The planets are putting on quite a show these days!

Duncan said...

Beaut shots Snail. I must say I smiled when I read the comments about age, I've got thirteen and a half years on Denis, you are just young people. :-)

Snail said...

You're all making me laugh! I spend a great deal of my working life with 18 - 21 year olds, so I feel as if I'm in my dotage when they're around.

It's only another year before I reach a significant birthday. (I can remember the year, if not the actual date.)

Snail said...

Dave, there's been much to watch in the night sky. Another item to put on my list of things to learn more about.