Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I and the Bird #92

Seabrooke at the Marvelous in Nature is hosting a birdlovers' picnic.

‘Twas the middle of winter deep,
When all sane critters are fast asleep,
This Canuck sent invitations
For a snowy celebration.

“Join me for lunch!” the invite said.
“The drinks are free!” it further read.
And so they came, in ones and twos
- free drinks, of course, they can’t refuse.

How could you resist?


Dave Coulter said...

They sure did a lot of work there!

By the way, here's a story you might like:

Snail said...

Thanks for that link, Dave. That is very interesting. It's a bit ironic* that they've chosen Perth as an example because Western Australia has been enjoying the fruits of the mining boom. They might be going green down south but they're excavating mountain ranges up north!

* Or paradoxical. I always get them confused.