Monday, 2 February 2009

Episode IV: A New Hope

In just a few weeks, I'll be willingly and willfully unemployed. Yes, yes, it's not the most sensible decision in the world, given current economic conditions, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.


sarala said...

Good luck. I've enjoyed my brief spells between jobs but I'd be nervous now. Of course, being self-employed is awfully close to being unemployed, in its own way.

Sherrie Y said...

You go, Snail! Yeah, maybe not great timing, but when is it EVER good timing? We're an artist and a musician (one willfully unemployed at present) and feel ridiculously optimistic about it all. Why not?

Snail said...

Thanks, both of you!

Sarala, I am nervous as anything but these days I reckon that even being employed by someone else is awfully close to being unemployed.

Sherrie, why not indeed?!

Anonymous said...

Oh YES!!

Please accept my heartiest Congratulations for stepping out!



Snail said...

Now begins the haggling over when I leave.

I noticed that someone has already pinched my new bookcase from outside my room. They could at least wait until I'm out of the building.

Lulu Stader said...

This is the time to think about 'living your dream'. Become a professional writer? Photographer? Go freelance/consultant? You'd be great at any of them.

[By way of explanation, I'm Menno's editor and have very much enjoyed reading your Blog, Snail. I have gone freelance after Elsevier (the STM publisher in Amsterdam) wouldn't let me work from home in the Scottish Highlands. Where I am now. And I haven't looked back since...]

Snail said...

Lulu, I'd like to do freelance writing. Not sure if I could make a living from it but there's only one way to find out!

BTW, a work collegaue, originally from Aberdeen, read your comment and said you that you 'must have the best job in the world'. She has a point!

Lulu Stader said...

You just wrote a book, right? That's a cracking start, I should think. You'd need a day-job, too, but you could make SOME money from writing, surely!

Yes, your colleague is right. But it took a while to set it all up.

I sent you an invite to my (non-public) blog, let's talk more by email if you like? I can give you plenty of good vibes and inspiration if you ever think of regretting giving up your job!

(I'm at lulustader dot gmail dot com.)