Saturday, 7 February 2009

Stuff happens

A combination of drought and high winds took a toll on this tree today. Fortunately, it didn't do much damage to the house and the occupants were surprised but not injured. The State Emergency Service turned up promptly, armed with chain saws and a variety of slicing and dicing implements.

Although it was only across the road from my place (that's my twee fence in the foreground), I didn't hear the crack above the roar of the wind. Not until the chainsaws started up did I take a peek.


Lulu Stader said...

Sad when that happens. Here in the Scottish Highlands, the ground is boggy and shallow (with bedrock or similar) underneath, and the rooting systems are so flat that the winter storms don't always break the trees: most often, they just keel over with their shallow roots intact, sticking up in the air a right-angles.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
Lucky escape.

Mel said...

Wow... good to know nobody got hurt

Snail said...

It was a nice tree too, if a bit close to the power lines. Can't remember what species. (How quickly we forget!)

I've just noticed that all the trees in our street have multiple stems. Now I can't help feeling that's asking for trouble.