Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lake Eacham

I'm planning to get a bit more exercise by doing the circuit of Lake Eacham on a regular basis. (Note that 'regular' ≠ 'frequent' and could mean anything from every day to once a year.) It's only 3 km, so makes a nice post-breakfast walk. And rainforest is a good place to think.

Eacham is a crater lake at the eastern edge of the Atherton volcanic province. Like its larger sibling, Lake Barrine, and the cousin that we don't talk about (the crater at Mt Hypipamee) it is rumoured to be bottomless. I'm not sure how bottomless lakes work. Is there a constant inflow to counteract the evaporation near the Earth's core? Or is there is an equivalent body of water at the lake's antipodes, so you can dive all the way to the surface of whatever's on the other side? Which, if my calculations are correct — and they almost certainly aren't — is somewhere between the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and West Africa. So maybe the core acts as a still, super-heating the Atlantic Ocean, which then condenses as Lake Eacham. See, I said it was good for thinking.

(The crater is really about 65 m from rim to bottom.)

Turtle wonders whether it fancies a holiday in the Cape Verde Islands.



Maybe there is one big PVC pipe at the bottom connecting it to the ocean somewhere. Would that still count as bottomless?

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
What a lovely looking spot you have moved to. Hope to see a report on some 'spineless' residents soon.
Loved your bottomless lake philosophy.

Snail said...

Good thinking, Aydin. Or the pipe could run between Eacham and Barrine ... I wonder if the water levels are the same?

Gouldiae, there'll be plenty as soon as I've settled in to the new place. Furniture arrives on Tuesday and the phone is connected on Weds, so I should be ready to go then! Plenty of butterflies around here in Atherton at the moment. No idea what most of them are but they haven't been slowed down by the cool nights. Lovely!

Tyto Tony said...

Happy walking! If lucky, you'll meet a friendly python hanging about the palce.

Snail said...

I live in hope of seeing a python or even a Boyd's forest dragon (which I should have in my garden) but none yet. (Apart from the Boyd's dragon that mistook me for a tree many years ago. But that's another story.)

Dave Coulter said...

The portal to the Center of the Earth!

Snail said...

Dave, there's a stretch that makes you think you might have entered the Lost World --- giant strangler figs arching over the track. Will post some pics.

MolecularJJ said...

I'd say your calculations aren't too bad.

Check out:

P.S. You may have been the one to show me this tool in the first place!

Snail said...

Don't think I sent you that link, Molecular JJ. Will have to check it when I'm off dial up. (Hopefully some time this week.) Fingers crossed that the new antenna will be able to pick up the signals.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.