Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not impressed

A pied currawong up to no good in an Atherton garden didn't appreciate getting caught in the act.

(Photo taken through window.)

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chevy said...

I love the name "pied currawong"! Here on the East Coast of the U.S. we have some really interesting wild plant names: love-in-a-mist, sticky spiderwort, veiny skullcap, hardhack, obedience, slim-leaf wall-rocket, hoary puccoon, nipplewort, spotted cat’s ear, inflated bladderwort, false mermaid, gall-of-the-earth, pearly everlasting, doll’s eyes, frogfruit, hairy spurge, solitary pussytoes, rattlesnake-master, floating heart, common dodder … I'd say "pied currawong" would make the cut!