Monday, 15 June 2009

Road Trip, Day 10: Eungella to Bowen

Having left Eungella just after 7 am, so I could dawdle along the road*, I arrived in Bowen late morning. I'd initially decided that I'd detour to Cape Hillsborough and Dingo Beach but ended up driving through to my destination. I killed some time at the Flagstaff Hill café, which has mango and macadamia cheesecake and stunning views of the islands of Port Denison.

Today's new birds: yellow honeyeater and pied oystercatcher.

Foreground: North Head Island (with light) and Stone Island.
Background left: Middle Island with Gloucester Island behind.
Background right: mainland Cape Gloucester.

Bowen and Port Denison


* I tried driving down in 3rd gear but my car insisted that I should do it in 2nd. I changed up, it changed down. Had it a voice, no doubt it would have gently admonished me: "I can't let you do that, Snail".


Dave Coulter said...

Dingo Beach?! Aren't dingos trouble?

Snail said...

I'm not even sure there are dingos at Dingo Beach. Generally, they're much less trouble than feral dogs and nowhere near as bad as people!