Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bowen's beaches: Mud

Before resuming my journey north, I made a short detour to Front Beach and King's Beach. (I was going to say that I also visited the Flagstaff Hill cafe for coffee and mango cheesecake, but that sounds so utterly implausible I thought you'd never believe it.)

Pied oystercatchers searched for food just above the water line, while a pair of sacred kingfishers (Todiramphus sanctus) hunted for stragglers stranded in pools by the receding tide.

Sacred kingfishers at Bowen's Front Beach


Dave Coulter said...

Sure. And I suppose a kingfisher shared that cheesecake too!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
A very ambitious kingfisher, surely? Looks like it has grabbed a crab.
Reminds me of the ditty about a Pelican.