Thursday, 18 June 2009

Road Trip, Some Time

On the Tablelands and heartily sick of motels. The main reason I moved out of Marvellous Melbourne was to get away from Other People. For the past couple of weeks, I've been stuck in even closer proximity to Other People and I have just about had enough. Well, I've had more than enough. Time for a spot of solitude.

Can't wait to settle into my new place, which (hopefully) will be sometime next week. Things are a little less organised than they could be. (Through no fault of mine or the Far North Queensland contingent.) In the meantime, here's a couple of photos of the garden of the Tropical Snail Shell.


mick said...

I like the new garden! Can't wait to see what wonderful creatures you find in it.

Snail said...

'S not bad, is it? There's a great big brush turkey nest right by the drive. Wonder how that'll work out?

I'm thinking of putting up a light trap to see what moths and other insects are roaming around at night.

Denis Wilson said...

Brush Turkeys have a reputation of trashing "gardens". So how it works out will depend on whether you intend on growing vegies, and conventional garden plants, or, rather, living in the bush.
If in doubt, seek advice from the locals.
I love the look of your trees.

NanaJude said...

I am going out to celebrate your beaut new place!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on arriving safely.

Looks like your own private paradise.

Enjoy, relax and explore.


Dark Orange said...

A chainsaw and some turf will turn it into a proper garden in no time!

Denis Wilson said...

Now there's a real Aussie perspective for you!
Dark Orange forgot to mention a few truck-loads of concrete, and an old FJ rusting away - out the front!
We'll have a "Snail Shell" garden design for you in no time, at this rate.

Snail said...

It's not a bad spot, even though I wandered into a nest of tick nymphs. I'm not a pretty sight at the moment!

I'm still wondering how to handle the garden. The house plot is carved out of the forest, so there's very little space around it for plantings. I'm thinking plants in pots --- cordylines and palms, those sorts of things. No chance of a vegie garden unless I can rig up a turkey, pademelon, possum and rat-proof enclosure!