Friday, 24 July 2009

Davidson's plum

Most of my neighbours don't bother growing their own food because the rainforest birds and mammals harvest it with an efficiency and enthusiasm that humans can't match. You can't keep the animals away. Chicken wire? Birds fly over it. Nets? Rats crawl under them. Electric fences with motion-activated spotlights? Pademelons carry pliers in their pouches. You can have temporary success by overwhelming them with volume, but you can never win.

Still, there are bucketloads of native fruits in the rainforest: quandongs, bollywood, Atherton oak. They all have their fans. But the best of them — from this human's point of view, anyway — is Davidson's plum (Davidsonia pruriens).

Plummish in appearance, but not a true plum, Davidsonia makes the tastiest jam. It's slightly tart and goes well with just about everything. I doubt that I'll ever beat the fauna and collect enough fruit to make my own jam, so I'm stuck with buying it. But I'll collect seed and try the 'overwhelm by volume' approach. Always worth a try.

None of those toothmarks are mine!

'Stingray' seeds of Davidson's plum


mick said...

Just one word - Yummy!

Snail said...

The CWA around here used to produce a delicious homemade Davidson's plum jam. Must see whether it's still available.

Denis Wilson said...

I have a friend here who grows one of these. No sign of fruit, though. Still, he is trying.
Great foliage plants, even without fruit.

Gouldiae said...

Delightful Bronwen,
I'm going back to the house for breakfast now, with a wonderful image of a Pademelon cutting an electric fence with pliers!

Dave Coulter said...

Looks better than what's in my fridge at the moment ;)

Sherryl said...

You sound like you are living in a natural wonderland! I can't imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by so many birds and animals and be able to watch them like this.
Pity about the plums though. A nice tart jam sounds very tasty.

Mel said...

Wow, those marks are not tiny :S