Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back again

I'm back. Not that I went anywhere. But plenty of things have been keeping me away for the internet, not least of all the dodgy telco service.

Been raining here, of course. You expect that in a rainforest, even in the dry season. Still not enough to bring out the snails, but certainly enough to stir up the leeches. I found one of the little suckers crawling over the kitchen scales. I have no idea why it was there, but that's one of the bonuses hazards completely neutral features of living in the middle of the Wet Tropics.

Saw some oddities today, as I was driving back and forth between the house and the highway trying to find a mobile signal so I could call the telco to tell them my landline wasn't working.

First, a scrubfowl that had wet leaves stuck to its oversized orange feet. When it ran away, it looked as though it was wearing clown shoes.

Second, a pair of spotted catbirds that refused to get off the road as I approached. Eventually, they took off and I discovered the reason for their reluctance. They were feeding on a squashed frog (or toad). One of the pair managed to peel the dead amphibian off the road and flew off, holding it by the head with the hind legs flailing. They were giving the mad whipbirds a run for their money.

I uncovered the reason for the non-functioning phone line: a techie was at the exchange sorting out ADSL for me ... which would be great, if only I had the modem. Still, it's getting closer.


mick said...

Here's hoping you get your modem soon! btw you can keep the leeches :-(

Snail said...

Am off to town now to check my post office box.

Leeches aren't my favourite inverts, I must admit. But I think I prefer them to those appalling ticks.

Tyto Tony said...

Leeches top ticks every time. Telstra techs can be ticks. But Telstra seldom scores ticks.


Welcome back. Not that you were away.

MolecularJJ said...

You may be joining us back in the land of real internet? Good to hear. Hopefully not with the evil empire.


BTW my word verification is "prion"...nice.

Sherryl said...

Rain? What's that? Down here they are predicting a major bushfire disaster season.
Glad you are almost in touch again - I guess you have no option but to use the Big T. Pity.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
Love the shot of the Pademelon. Gorgeous looking animal.
I think I'm with everyone else. I'll lightly brush off a spider or try to move it unharmed but leeches and ticks are in the same category as blowies and mozzies with me - SLAP!
Hope your tech stuff is sorted soon.

Snail said...

Tony, I got a nervous tic after that!

Aydin, thanks. I was away in spirit.

MolecularJJ, the fact that the modem still hasn't arrived should answer your question about the evil empire. I think I've been institutionalised and can't resist the Start of Semester syndrome. You know --- something's going to go wrong, the question is just how wrong will it go? BTW, prion --- sweet!

Sherryl, I heard about what's being predicted for the bushfire season. I can't imagine how much worse it could be. I'd send some of this rain down if I could --- but that would just encourage new growth. (Yes, it's raining again.)

Snail said...

How did that happen, Gouldiae? Your comment wasn't there when I wrote mine. Ah, well.

I was quite annoyed when the leech made its way inside the house. Really, there should be some refuge from them!

Will ring Telstra again tomorrow. They did tell me that 'customers should be proactive', after all.