Friday, 28 August 2009

Bath time

It hasn't rained for more than a week. That constitutes a drought on the southern Tablelands. Pastures have crisped into straw and the turkeys sound as if they're raking gravel when they scrape through dead leaves.

So a terracotta plant pot saucer full of water is a boon to the wildlife. Is there a more joyful sight than birds taking a bath? Even whipbirds come out of hiding at the chance of a dip. And they're just as frantic in their bathing as they are in everything else.


Dave Coulter said...

Nice series of shots. Do you have a little towel for him? :)

Snail said...

Oh, you just reminded me of a conversation I had ages ago, about marketing a line in towel racks and vanity units for bird baths! It definitely sounds like an opportunity!

sarala said...

I think American Cardinals would definitely sign on for the vanity units!
Great photos. I love watching the local birds in our birdbath.
We have flash flood warnings so I doubt the birds are hurting for water!

Snail said...

I'd love to see cardinals in the wild, preening in front of mirrors or not!

We could do with some rain here. Not quite as much as you might be expecting, though. Just some nice persistent drizzle.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
Beautiful series. Such a secretive bird down here. Only a few days ago I spent half an hour stalking one and whistle cracking to it, and getting replies, but I only got very brief glimpses and photos of empty branches!

Snail said...

They're not so much secretive here as too darned fast to photograph. These pics were taken with the long lens through the sliding door. I just happened to be walking past at the right time.