Monday, 10 August 2009

Tree kangaroos? No, only one of them

Spot the tree kangaroo

As I type this, a Lumholtz's tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) is backing laboriously down the trunk of a satinash. Tree roos are fine going up trees, but climbing down again ... not so much. I can't look.

I was watching him earlier when my next door neighbours turned up to say hello. They're wildlife photographers, so the three of us fell into silence with binoculars and cameras trained on my furry, long-tailed visitor as he leapt from the satinash to another tree that had The. Best. Leaves.

Of course, my camera battery was about to run out, so the exposure is dodgy, but here's photographic proof that I have roos loose in the padd ... er ... rainforest. He was in a tree at the edge of the garden, about 10 m from the house.


mick said...

Wow! To have one of those in the backyard is ALMOST worth doing without ADSL!!??

Snail said...

It's pretty darn good, isn't it?

And I qualify for the satellite subsidy, so I may be getting broadband after all!

(I'm trying not to get too excited!)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
First photo was about as good as I was expecting. But 7 clear, sharp, focussed photos is almost showing off!
Remarkable stuff.
And you got to meet your neighbours as well.
And the prospect of Broadband as well!
Better than winning the lottery!
Oh Happy Day!

Snail said...

He climbed up that skinny trunk and sat there, nibbling on leaves as the tree swayed in the breeze. He was very relaxed about the whole thing. I was impressed!

sarala said...

Snail, I am so envious of your Australian wildlife. Of course, I'd probably see some great American wildlife if I ever got out of the big cities!

Snail said...

Getting out of the urban areas makes all the difference, sarala!