Monday, 7 September 2009

Celebrity snail collecting

From today's Telegraph:
Beekeeping, snail collecting, tormenting telemarketers and claiming the last roast potato all feature in Modern Delight, a collection of essays from the great and the good.

The essays are about the joys of life. Gyles Brandreth takes pleasure in outliving his colleagues. Tim Rice likes mowing the lawn. Bill Nighy delights in just about everything. But who collects snails? Don't make me buy the book to find out.


Denis Wilson said...

Goodness - fancy monitoring the UK Telegraph!
Or do you have an automatic Search Engine set up for everything to do with snails?

Snail said...

I could pretend I read all the major papers from cover to cover, but no one would believe me!

I just have the book pages from all the big newspapers on my aggregator. This was fine when I was on cable ...

Anonymous said...

I'm betting the snail collector is a conchologist rather than a malacologist.
Who? someone with a plum in their mouth, perpetuating Daddeh's collection? Or trying to appear to be part of that class?

Writing from the centre of Brit class consciousness. I'd forgotten just how much class itself is part of life here.
Idling time away on this fast connection, I now read that you are a Limehouse-ish native. Something clicked into place: Hitchcockian is how I've described your style to others.
And if that all goes right over your head, try to catch Hitchock's narration to his US tv shows - preferably the narration tailored to UK/European distribution - which shows were produced in the heart of US commercial land, after Hitchcock had all but given up trying to keep control over conventional films from go to whoa in the US. He had a perfect judgment for the next medium that would let him continue his brand of sly digs.
So - maybe there's something in the London water; you must admit that you are quite the droll vignette composer, with a very good eye for the image juste, so to speak.

En route to Palermo and some good food tomorrow, thence some good family and fast netting from the home of chocolate celebration - Torino.
A niece is marrying an Englishman, so la famiglia is gathering to mourn ;-)


Dave Coulter said...

Please don't tell me this is about celebreties telling us about how "normal" they are. (Oh look....his majesty has a kayak. How exciting!)