Friday, 22 January 2010


After all that whinging about our lack of rain, I can report that water is falling from the sky. Not vast amounts, but enough to turn my unmade, sloping driveway into a morass. I went out earlier armed with gardening implements and a sense of purpose and opened up a drainage channel that had been blocked by the industrious activities of bandicoots and/or scrubfowl and/or brush turkeys. I got soaked. Unless the animals don SCUBA gear to resume their digging, that drain will keep working. (Mind you, I wouldn't put it past them. Especially the bandicoots. They're devious little devils.) Not that the drain is very effective because the rain is running off in sheets, but it's making an effort. It's doing what it can.

The rain is causing the internet connection to wink in and out of existence. Still, that should mean I get some work done.

What are the odds?


Russell Constable said...

What are the odds?
Of more rain with the cyclone off the coast.... pretty good.
Of the wildlife donning scuba gear to sabotage your drainage work....50/50 at least!
Of you getting work done with all the natural distractions available to you....negligible, minimal and perhaps even non existent!

Snail said...

I think you're pretty much spot on with those odds, Russell!

I am glad it's started raining. We hadn't had any falls of note until now.