Saturday, 9 January 2010

Three tree roos

More on the earlier sighting ...

The two adult roos had a youngster with them, which I didn't spot when I took the camera out the first time.

These shots aren't very good because of the low light in the forest, but I thought I'd show 'em for their curiosity value. The young tree roo is every bit as cute as the young pademelon. Awwwww!


desertnutmeg said...

Awwww! He's adorable! All your tree roo photos are great, but since the previous post had 9 comments, i didn't want this one to feel neglected.
As to your last comment in the previous post, no, no, don't leave off anything! ~meggs.

Denis Wilson said...

I'm with Meggs, don't hold back.
These Tree Kangaroos are inherently comical to those of us familiar with their terrestrial cousins.
I keep wondering how they don't fall out of the trees.
I guess them must have some Possum in their make-up.
That's why we were happy when you announced you were going to FNQ - to give us an insight into the tropics.

Dave Coulter said...

Not just cute....Hyper-cute! :)

Snail said...

I hope these three have gone somewhere sheltered because it's been raining gently for most of the day.

They've been around here for a while. I saw a trio (possibly the same ones) just before Christmas. They were even closer to the house.

Pretty amazing stuff.

mick said...

Very cute, indeed. Keep all those photos coming please. I, for one, have definitely not seen too many!

Snail said...

Something not quite so cute today --- cicadas! But there are frogs calling and I'm determined to take pics of those. They're quite sweet.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable indeed - what an interesting show to have in your yard. I don't know how you get any work done!

Snail said...

Wren, I only pretend to get work done. I need to get blinders.

sarala said...

They are cute! And quite exotic to this American.

Snail said...

They are pretty exotic to most Australians too, Sarala. Very few people have had the chance to get such a good view! This block of rainforest is a special spot.

Woollybutt said...

I wish you would stop posting all these great photos, you make me jealous of the paradise you live in

Snail said...

Woolly, that's the aim! I haven't seen the roos around lately, although there was a bit of rustling yesterday, which was probably one of them.

Am not happy about the arsehole with the tree roo-killing dog :(