Saturday, 3 April 2010

The biter bit

As the rain continues, all sorts of ground-dwelling invertebrates are taking advantage of the patio. The pademelons, who think they own the space, now have to share it with spiders, ants and beetles.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen several red-and-black spiders (Oncodamus decipiens) wandering across the bricks. This species occurs in rainforest along the east coast of Australia from the Hunter River region of New South Wales to north of Cairns in Far North Queensland. It is not a great web-builder. The roaming habit is shared with other members of the family (Nicodamidae) and is recorded in the name of the most well-known species in the group, Nicodamus peregrinus.

But these peregrinations can lead them into trouble. This one strolled too close to the web of another spider (a uloborid?) and ended up feeding both her and her spiderlings.

Nicodamidae is restricted to Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Hi teacher :-)
Your RSS feed is broken.
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The RSS link appears to have disappeared from your pages.
All a bit cryptic for this reader, but I fancy your publishers can help.


Snail said...

Hi d

Will check and redo.

Snail said...

Not sure what's happened. I'm still getting feeds through Reader. Have fiddle a bit with the settings. May have borked the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Might have been a server fart - it's feeding fine again now with our two readers.

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Anonymous said...

Very brisk work.
Or I'm a iggorent native and missed the link down on the bottom of the nice grey frame there.

OOT - ie further off this post's topic - just heard one of the speakers in today's Science Show's response to the mining companies' spin around their contribution to warming the planet give me my laugh line for the week:
'who cares what a trolling geologist thinks?'


Mosura said...

'peregrinations' - did you get that out of a Vogon dictionary :-)

Tyto Tony said...

The bitter end.

Peregrinations and Vogons? Bit more Smollett and Sterne than Adams.

Snail said...

I'm glad I didn't refer to them a peripatetic!