Monday, 22 November 2010

The newest paddie

This is Crinkle Cut's new joey. Since he left mum's pouch, I've only spotted him a few times, although mum remains a daily visitor. I was worried that he had gone the way of his older sister — flattened by a neighbour's car — so it was delightful to see him today. I'm not sure he felt the same way about the brush turkey.


mick said...

That bird looks bigger and meaner than the little fellow!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, yet again :)

Denis Wilson said...

Very Cute little Paddie.
I am fond of Brush Turkeys but I do understand that this is easier from my distance.

Snail said...

That little chap does look a little bit intimidated by the turkey! I suppose it's all a bit worrying when you're less than 20cm tall!

Turkeys often follow the paddies around and then steal what they're eating (if it's something other than leaves). But at least one of the adult male paddies has decided to take them on and now gets in a first strike!

forestwalk/laura k said...

oooh!! that little 'paddie' is TOO CUTE!!
i hope his mom comes out and let's the turkey know she's keeping her eye out on her youngster!

Tom said...

Hi Bronwen- Thank you for leaving a comment over at the Ohio Nature Blog- I have a special fondness for Australia- I spent three months there in '99 studying natural history with a group of college students from the U.S.- it was the experience of a lifetime. I'm looking forward to your posts!


Snail said...

Laura, I've seen him around his mum a few more times, but she seems to believe in letting him fight his own battles!

They both came up to the back door today. His mum was trying to find a way in through the fly screen. He looked rather puzzled by the process.

Snail said...

Tom, you might have stayed quite close to here. If so, you'll know what I mean about loving a big sky --- it's a bit rare in the rainforest!