Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Tree ... Roo

Apologies for my absence. Camera non-functional. Computer non-functional. Brain non-functional. Oh, wait. That's not news.

So I'm back. Amd just in time for what looks like it might be the wettest Wet Season for a while. Expect photos of waterlogged fauna.

But before all that, here's a photograph I took a few days ago. This Lumholtz's tree roo was right next to the house. He looks very relaxed. Check out those hobbity feet and the long bell-rope tail draped over a branch.


biobabbler said...

Wow. What an amazing creature, fabulous feet, and how at ease does he/she look in that tree? =) Great shot.

Tyto Tony said...

Wish I could see a tree roo for Xmas. But even my plan for a peaceful Christmas day up Wallaman way looks wildly optimistic.

Snail said...

He looks so relaxed, doesn't he? He's got an arboreal armchair.

Tony, I'm pretty sure Wallaman Falls is going to be out for a while. Although, they would be pretty spectacular.

desertnutmeg said...

He is looking very Zen, isn't he!
Okay, so my first thought was that he had a doob hidden somewhere. LOL!
I wondered where you had hibernated to. Good to see your cyberface again!

Snail said...

Meggs, I've got three hammocks here. I haven't set up any of them yet. When I do, I fully expect to come home on afternoon to find a tree kangaroo lying in one. Possibly sipping a pina colada.